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THE BAKER ID – Inside the creative process

PART 3 — BrandEX™ — Executing the Vision

In Part 1 we defined who BAKER is and how we want to be seen as a company. In Part 2 we examined what that meant visually and began building the foundational elements of our new flexible identity. In Part 3 we’ll take a look at the executions that have since followed and the way our creative culture has brought the identity to life.

With creativity being identified as the heart of our brand we wanted to give our culture of creative individuals the opportunity to express themselves within the BAKER identity – and not just the designers. At BAKER, since everyone is part of the creativity that goes on here, we needed to make the identity accessible to, well, everyone. To achieve this we literally gave everyone the tools they needed to showcase their creative selves – a launch kit explaining the parameters and idea behind the ID, a dry erase board to brainstorm on, and a dry erase marker to bring their ideas to life.

Finally, to kick this thing off right we threw together a little video to drive the idea home. Click the image to play:

The response we got was amazing. Within days we had easily over a hundred variations of marks for the icons portion of our identity. From that point we moved on to the business card portion of our ID. The idea – everyone gets duplexed letterpress cards with their individual custom icon in 4 varying colors on one side and consistent metallic BAKER branding on the back. Thanks to Studio on Fire and their dedication to perfection, the final product was executed flawlessly.

Finally, in executing the rest of our brands various touchpoints we began asking ourselves questions like “how can we make the rest of the BAKER collateral creatively engaging?” One answer we came up with was to demonstrate the things that BAKER tries to “B” everyday in the hope that it would inspire others to B-great in their own way.

In closing, we just wanted to say thanks for checking out our 3 part series on the BAKER ID. With any luck, we’ve inspired a few of you and given a little insight into the kind of thinking we put into the work we do here at BAKER. Check back often to see what new projects we’re working on and how our identity will continue to evolve from here. Like the video says – The end is just the beginning.


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